Your OWN Planetarium

In My Room PRO Home Planetarium

Sometimes the easiest and best way to study the stars, especially if you don’t have a great telescope, is to “bring them home”!

The “In My Room Pro Home Planetarium” is a pro level personal planetarium that you can set up in any darkened room and then learn and observe your favorite constellations, stars, planets and space objects. This superb (check out the testimonials and reviews) sleek, portable, home planetarium projector will transform any ceiling or wall into your own private starry night sky.

You have the option of viewing in “still” format or as simulating the slowly rotating night sky. It has a timed shut-off, focussing dial, high res optical quality lense and you can even power it with AA penlight batteries (but it comes with the wall power adapter)!

The Star Theatre Pro Home Planetarium comes complete with a Starfield disc as well as a Earth, Moon & Sun disc so you can learn all about the cosmos. You can even use this as a night light with the auto-shut off feature while playing the planetarium background soundtrack to put you or your little astronomer to sleep each night. Its almost like being outdoors…!

Watch as a crystal-clear, rotating field of 10,000 stars is projected on your ceiling or wall anytime you wish. You, your friends or your family will sit back and just say… “Wowww!”.

Check it out: