Stargaze – Hubble’s View of the Universe

Stargaze - Hubble's View of the UniverseIt looks like all that money NASA spent on the Hubble Space Telescope was worth it after all–at least from an aesthetic standpoint. Stargaze: Hubble’s View of the Universe captivates the viewer with stunningly high-definition color images of galaxies, nebulae, and heavenly bodies closer to home. Each shot pans and lingers over the richly colored pictures as unobtrusive narration in English, French, German, or Spanish explains the history of the Hubble mission, its targets, and what we’ve learned so far. The music by 2002 is harmless and quiet, though viewers pathologically averse to New Age will scramble for the audio control. Including screensavers and Web features, Stargaze will keep spaceheads happy and entranced for hours, and convert the unbelievers. –Rob Lightner

Price: $24.95

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