Stargaze - Hubble's View of the Universe

It looks like all that money NASA spent on the Hubble Space Telescope was worth it after all–at least from an aesthetic standpoint. Stargaze: Hubble’s View of the Universe captivates […]

February 02, 2011By Tim Stephens  An artist’s conception of the newly discovered planetary system shows six planets around the Sun-like star Kepler-11. Credit: NASA/Tim Pyle.A remarkable planetary system discovered by […]

RELEASE : 11-254 NASA’S Dawn Spacecraft Begins Science Orbits Of Vesta WASHINGTON — NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, the first ever to orbit an object in the main asteroid belt, is spiraling […]

Nearly 100 Unknown Milky Way Star Clusters Discovered by Astronomers - Christian Post

The VISA Variables Telescope, located at the European Space Observatory’s Paranal Observatory, used infrared detection technology that allowed the stars, described by astronomers as “tiny and faint objects,” to be […]

Oxygen finally spotted in space - BBC News

2 August 2011 Last updated at 10:53 ET “Hidden” oxygen may be released from dust grains and ice in star-forming regions One of astronomy’s longest-running “missing persons” investigations has concluded: […]