A city-based amateur astronomers group, Vishwa Scientific, has come up with an introductory certificate course on space and astronomy. The course aims at spreading awareness about space programmes, robotics, […]

Hubble Predicts the Future of Omega Centauri

The current and future positions of stars in Omega Centauri. Credit: NASA, ESA, and J. Anderson and R. van der Marel (STScI) Using four years of data from the Hubble […]

Probing Exoplanets

  Sometimes topics segue perfectly. With the recent buzz about habitable planets, followed by the raining on the parade articles we’ve had about the not insignificant errors in the detections […]

Mayan calendar may not end in 2012: prof - National Post

Handout Reset the Doomsday Clock: The predicted ending of the Mayan calendar as depicted in fiery, over-the-top Hollywood style in 2012, may be off, a California professor argues   Gillian […]