Your OWN Planetarium

In My Room PRO Home Planetarium Sometimes the easiest and best way to study the stars, especially if you don’t have a great telescope, is to “bring them home”! The […]

  Refractor Telescopes In the simple sense refractor telescopes are those that use lenses as their objectives rather than mirrors and were the first type of telescopes, the type you […]

  We can think of reflector telescopes are those that use mirrors for gathering light rather than rather that lenses (refractors). They were first conceived soon after the development of […]

  If your kid shows some signs of being inquisitive for he frequently ask you questions that are mostly unexpected, you should be aware that you need to give him […]

  If you are the one who is interested in reading about stars and galaxies and other celestial bodies, then you must be aware of the term solar system. It […]